Baro Bou
Baro Bou

Baro Bou

Tapan is a devout lover of honesty and integrity. He and his wife together does a lot of good for the society for example provide contracts to the jobless men in the neighbourhood. Tapan's wife, the Barobou of the house takes care of everyone at home. She also ensures that her brother-in-law gets a job in a company however does not reveal this to anyone. As Tapan's younger brother Swapan gets a job and marries the only daughter of his employer, he starts becoming an arrogant man. His wife, a divorcee, also turns out to be a woman of similar characteristics. She is not willing to keep her son from her previous marriage and therefore Barobou adopts him and takes care of him as her own son. The elder couple, soon lose their respect in the house when Tapan's company is shut down. However, the greatness to of the elderly couple is brought to light by Tapan's student and his sister. The younger brothers beg for forgiveness from the elder brother and the family is united once again

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