Arjun - Kalimpong E Sitaharan
Arjun - Kalimpong E Sitaharan

Arjun - Kalimpong E Sitaharan

The film is based upon two early novels from the Arjun series...KHUN KHARAPI and SITAHORON ROHOSYO. Arjun is an aspirant detective who is influenced by his mentor/guide Amol Shome. mission. A Chinese criminal Juan Hanzi has set up base at the hill station Kalimpong. He intends to rob the Tibetan treasure buried under Kalimpongs Durpin Da Ra monastery. Incidentally, Amol Shome's old friend Bistubabu refers an NRI resident of Kalimpong to seek for advice from Amol at around the same time. That person is Mr.Sen and his father was the architect who designed the monastery and a copy of the plans are hidden in his house. An unidentified person is threatening Mr Roy. Arjun goes through the adventure of finding the whole culprit behind this operation and also decipher clues to secure the blueprints of the monastery.

Duration: 130 Min

Quality: HD

Rating: 0